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 Mansfield Road Improvements
This project has been designed and will be constructed in partnership with Dallas County in coordination with: Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Army Corps of Engineers, City of Grand Prairie, City of Mansfield, and City of Midlothian. The design development has also benefitted from extensive citizen involvement and review. This project, Mansfield Road between Belt Line Road and Anderson Drive, is part of approximately 12.2 mile roadway system which connects State Highway 161 (at I-20) to US Highway 67. The project section of this roadway system is the only portion which is not four (4) lanes wide.

The project scope includes the widening of Mansfield Road from two (2) lanes to a 4-lane divided arterial roadway, from approximately 600 feet west of the intersection of Belt Line Road to the western city limit (just west of Anderson Drive). The project includes replacement/upgrading of water mains, sewer mains, and the installation of underground storm drainage improvements.

The construction contract was awarded by Cedar Hill City Council to Tiseo Paving Company, Inc. as the prime contractor for the construction of these improvements. 

In August 2015, Oncor Electric began relocating utility poles along Mansfield Road. AT&T is still working on relocation efforts following the completion of the Oncor's utility work.

The Mansfield Road Improvements Project also included and completed localized street failure repairs on Lakeview Drive, between Lake Ridge Parkway and Mansfield Road.

What will be the improvements to Mansfield Road once construction is complete?
  • The existing two-lane asphalt Mansfield Road will be replaced with a four-lane (two in each direction) divided roadway. Bike lanes will be included in both directions. There will be a raised median separating eastbound and westbound traffic. The median will be landscaped and lined with new street lights.
  • A bridge will be contructed over Baggett Branch Stream replacing the existing concrete box culvert crossing.
  • A six (6) foot wide concrete sidewalk will be constructed on the south side of Mansfield Road.
  • A twelve (12) foot wide concrete trail will be constructed on the north side of Mansfield Road. For additional information regarding the plans for bike lanes and trails throughout the City, please review the Parks Hike and Bike Trails Master Plan. Final construction plans for the project are ongoing. 
  • The intersections of Mansfield Road and Lake Ridge Parkway, and Mansfield Road and Lakeview Drive, will each be a traffic signal controlled intersection. 

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Project Update

LAS Booster Stations at Parkerville & Hwy. 67 Water Tanks
The project scope includes installing a chemical feed system and a tank mixing system to improve water quality.
Project is under construction.  The estimated construction completion is Summer 2015.

New Water Line - US 67 Service Road between Robinson Road to Cooper Street
This project replaces the existing outdated 2" water line with an 8" water line. Construction began in September 2016 and is anticipated to be complete late December 2016.
Please contact the City of Cedar Hill Project Manager if there are any questions or concerns related to this project: Steve Earl Schell, P.E., 972-291-5126 ext 2839 or 214-587-6148.

Mansfield Road Project Photo Drawing - xsm

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consist of projects that involve the construction of infrastructure and major facilities such as streets, water lines, sewer lines, storage tanks, etc. These investments are essential elements of providing premier service to the City of Cedar Hill and meets the following City Council Premier Statements:
  • *Cedar Hill has Excellent, Safe and Efficient Infrastructure
  • *Cedar Hill is Safe
  • *Cedar Hill is Clean
  • *Cedar Hill has Dinstinctive Character
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