Water Leak Adjustment to Bill

Leak Adjustment Policy
The Utility Customer Service Department will adjust a water billed amount only if a customer presents a paid plumber’s statement/receipt and a detailed written statement prepared by the customer which indicates:
  • The leak has been repaired
  • The type of repairs made
  • The water leak was not reasonably detectable from the surface
The Customer Service Representatives may request additional information before determining if a water leak was reasonably detectable based upon the facts presented. A customer may receive only 1 adjustment during a 12 month period.

The Utility Customer Service Department will adjust the amount up to 1/2 the total amount of the largest bill in the previous 3 months less your normal water usage (ex: normal usage 10,000 gallons, with leak 20,000 gallons, the adjustment will be for 5,000 gallons).

Adjustments will be made when your consumption is down to your normal usage (that may take a couple of months since we bill a month behind). You are still responsible for the balance owed on the account prior to the adjustment.