Payment Extensions

Extension / Payment Agreement
No more than 1 Extension / Payment Agreement is authorized per calendar year. Due to the privacy act, only the person on the account will be able to discuss issues regarding the account.
  • Customers with a past due water bill, in any amount, who cannot pay their past due balance owed, have the following options:
    • Have their water service turned off and remain off until their past due amount is paid in full
    • Enter into an extension/payment agreement with the Utility Billing Department
  • An extension / payment agreement needs to be completed by the account holder(s) with past due accounts no matter the size of the dollar amount owed.
  • Fifty percent (50%) payment is expected at the time the agreement is initiated.
  • A 30-day payment plan, with payment dates and amounts, will be identified on the extension/payment agreement form with payoff date identified.
  • At the end of the 30-day extension/payment agreement, payment "in full' is due.
The customer will receive a bill from Utility Billing during an active extension / payment agreement time period, that bill must be paid in full. Partial payments for past due accounts are not acceptable unless an extension/ payment agreement has been initiated.