Library Volunteer and Community Service Applications


Students, parents, working people, retirees --anyone, thirteen years of age and over who are Cedar Hill residents or attend school in Cedar Hill--can help Zula B. Wylie Public Library deliver a variety of quality services to its community of over forty thousand area residents.


Mentors, crafts assistants, tech squad, internships, ESOL teachers and shelving assistants are some of the volunteer assignments.


Volunteers are needed six days a week, whenever the Library is open. The library can accommodate most schedules.You may also assist as a seasonal volunteer during spring break, summer or holiday season.


Community needs for Zula B. Wylie Public Library's educational, recreational, and informational services are continually increasing. Working together, volunteers and staff can help meet these increased demands despite a limited budget. Not only can volunteers help the library--it's a two-way street. Volunteers acquire new skills, meet interesting people and experience the satisfaction of sharing their talents with others.


Special effort is made to match the interests of volunteers with their work assignments. Explore opportunities to work with children, share library information, process materials, assist with special projects and engage with the community. Volunteering at Zula B. Wylie Public Library is one way you CAN make a difference!

Call Theresa Brooks, Circulation Coordinator at 972-291-7323 ext. 1318 or send us an email.