Branding 2013

There’s a new brand to match the new attitude in Cedar Hill

Our new brand has a lot to say
The new City logo helps let everyone know that we have something interesting to say. Some great stories to tell. Cedar Hill is driven to become known as the destination of distinction in North Texas for its safe neighborhoods, recreational character, growing businesses, a full circle of education and an unmatched quality of life.
The people of Cedar Hill are driving this community, creating opportunity for its businesses and reaching its full potential as a true destination for playing, working and living.

Cedar Hill is a diverse and unified city where residents progress together, businesses prosper together and leaders prevail together.

Cedar Hill is North Texas’ best kept secret, and it is time that secret got out. Your City Council set up a Tourism Advisory Board of people who live and work in the city to help drive a new marketing effort that will help put Cedar Hill out front where it belongs. The new logo and tagline are the common theme that will guide the message we’re sending to increase awareness in and beyond our community.

Our community is united. Our businesses are vibrant. Our natural beauty is unparalleled. Our school district is recognized. And, our potential is unrivaled in terms of expanded green space. This is a city with a different point of view and a better quality of life.
We have a lot to recognize and to share
People have heard cities tout the line, “Where the past meets the present.” In Cedar Hill, we like to think the past lives with the present. Go to the downtown district and you will find historic buildings with connections to modern attractions. There are places that span numerous generations in Cedar Hill. Each is a memorable place with memories all of its own.

Our story
From multi-million dollar homes resting above a lake to neighborhoods nestled in a cluster of mature trees to an abundance of land available for business development, Cedar Hill has the right space.It is a premier city with charm to match. Its residents serve the city. Its businesses help grow the city. Its public servants live the vision of the city. There is a story of passion and faith, community and safety, commitment to natural preservation and a focus on economic progression. This is Cedar Hill.

It’s right, it’s now
Cedar Hill is a great place to be. We want to share our blessings with others who see the same bright future here. A fun, exciting place to visit, a wonderful place to raise a family, a ready-made market for a new business.

It’s only fitting that the City has adopted a new look–one that is vibrant, growing, natural and full of life, with a traditional feel and natural elements.

City of Cedar Hill –