Employee of the Quarter

Please congratulate Theresa Brooks, Library Operations Coordinator, for her selection as employee of the 1st quarter of fiscal year 2016 - 2017!  

Theresa has a deep passion for not just the library, but for Cedar Hill in general. This shows in everything she does. She is a consummate team player with an intense work ethic. If you want something done, ask Theresa! Not only will she get it done, she will make everyone look good in the process. Her work on the library’s Big Machine Expo is just one example. Theresa worked long hours on this event to ensure every detail was on point. On the day of the expo, she arrived early and worked until she almost dropped! This is typical of Theresa. She realizes that events such as this do not only represent the library, but the City as a whole, so she works tirelessly to ensure we display the fun, safe, family friendly atmosphere we are known for!

For these reasons, and so many more, we are proud to honor Theresa as the Employee of the 1st Quarter!  Thank you Theresa for your service to the City of Cedar Hill! 

Theresa Brooks Employee of 1st Q FY 16_17

Theresa Brooks (right), Library Operations Coordinator, with City Manager, Greg Porter (left)

Recognize an Employee
The City's Employee Recognition Program recognizes Cedar Hill employees (Service Stars) who “raise the bar” above and beyond the usual high performance standards. Any employee, citizen or city official may recognize another employee or group of employees for premier customer service delivery. Have you encountered a Cedar Hill employee who is a Service Star? If so, email us to tell us about it so that we may properly recognize them! Email HR to recognize a star employee!