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Cedar Hill Genealogical Society – February 9th program

Ari Wilkins, DPL Genealogy Librarian, will speak to the CHGS about the Antebellum Southern Plantation Records and how many family historians can use them.

    ‘Plantation Records’ are valuable materials that include business correspondence and much information about plantation life of the people involved. Our speaker will explain how collections of Plantation Records can be accessed, how they are organized and can be searched for family history.

Cedar Hill Genealogical Society – March 9th program

Dr. Stephen Butler, a History Professor with DCCCD, will speak to the CHGS about Mexican War Veterans.

    Dr. Butler will discuss this often forgotten U.S. War of the mid-1840's.  Do you know if one of your ancestors was involved?  Many don’t know.  He’ll explain how you can find and research that possible ancestor’s Service Records.


On 29 April 1856, a powerful tornado destroyed the village of Cedar Hill, Texas.  When the storm had passed, nine people were dead, nine seriously injured and many more were less seriously injured.  The twister leveled nine of the town’s eleven shops and homes. 

Gone with the Wind, The 1856 Cedar Hill Tornado describes the town, the damage, and how it recovered and prospered after the storm nearly blew it off the face of the earth.  We name the victims, describe their lives and tell their family histories for family historians to connect their families with these pioneers.

gone with the wind

You may purchase this book from the Cedar Hill Genealogical Society for $25, cash or check, only, or from the Cedar Hill Museum of History at 607 Cedar Street, Cedar Hill.  You also can order the book by mail.  Please send $25 plus $10 for shipping and handling in check, only, to The Cedar Hill Genealogical Society, 225 Cedar Street, Cedar Hill, TX 75104.  Please include your name, address and email address with your order.


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The Cedar Hill Genealogical Society (CHGS) meets monthly on every second Thursday. At 6:30 p.m. there is a general meet and greet social time with light refreshments. At 7 p.m. there is a membership meeting and program time, which lasts approximately 1 hour.  (CHGS) Board meetings are on the 4th Thursdays of the month at 2:00 PM.

Board of Directors

  • Dave Klauck , President
  • Phyllis Stewart , Publicity
  • Carol Hanson, Vice President
  • Wesley Quandt, Secretary
  • Pat Miller, Treasurer/CHGS Membership
General Questions
Any questions about our meetings, programs, labs or other issues can be communicated via our email at CHGenealogicalSociety2012@gmail.com . A board member will respond to you.   

Mission Statement
The Cedar Hill Genealogical Society’s mission is to provide education and training in genealogical research.

Genealogy Labs
Anyone can request personal assistance with a CHGS Board member at the library, by contacting us via the CHGS email at CHGenealogicalSociety2012@gmail.com.  Membership questions may be directed to CHGSmembership@hotmail.com.