In October 2012, Mayor Rob Franke wished to improve the community through the youth. He envisioned forming a small group of talented adolescents to exert their efforts back into Cedar Hill. Thus, the city council created the Mayor's Teen Council. The main goals were to involve the youth in service leadership and give them an understanding about local government. Twenty high school students were chosen to be on the council from more than forty applicants in 2013.

The newly made Teen Council also elected their officers and established their own guidelines. Morgan Thomas was the first to become President of the Mayor's Teen Council. By her side, Chris Hernandez became Vice President of the council. Naairah Lott was elected as Personal Relatives (PR). Furthermore, Chiamaka Okonkwo was the first Treasurer of the council, and Victoria Uche was elected as Secretary.

In the community, the Mayor's Teen Council has been actively involved in city events. Members have participated in Earth Day at the Government Center. They helped with setting up booths, painting faces, planting trees, and making recyclable crafts. Moreover, the council joined the community in celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The event was at Zula B. Wylie Library, and the students enjoyed singing and clapping with Cedar Hill.

The Mayor's Teen Council also took part in the local Green Run. The event was held at Uptown Village, and members gave out shirts and tags to runners. They sat at booths and helped people sign up. Additionally, the council participated in an event with Church on the Hill. The students assisted in helping out other children.

With fundraisers, members have collected funds for the Blue Caboose Children's Fund to help the children and families living with cystic fibrosis.

In Rockwall, the Mayor's Teen Council attended the 14th Annual Texas Youth Advisory Commission Summit. This two-day event gave the students the opportunity to meet with other youth councils and share their ideas. Furthermore, members heard from motivation speakers to help them become innovative leaders.

In late May, the council conducted its last meeting. Members were planning new projects for next year and said their goodbyes to the seniors who graduated. They were: Alissa Allison, Spencer Bahr, Naairah Lott, Jordan Seals, Aida Solomon, and Morgan Thomas.

Mayor's Teen Council

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