Development Applications & Review

Pursuant to state legislation that became effective on September 1, 2019, see Ordinance No. 2019-684 as a result of House Bill 2439 and Ordinance No. 2019-685 as a result of House Bill 3167. 

The development review process ensures that all proposed development is in agreement with the City's plans, policies, and ordinances. A vital element of this review process is a comprehensive review of each land development application by the Development Review Committee (DRC), comprised of key city staff members. The DRC, through it's pre-development meeting, is also available to meet with developers, engineers, and property owners about potential land developments. Although not required, a pre-development meeting may be scheduled with Katie Cenicola in the Planning Department at (972) 291-5100, ext. 1081 or via email.

The Development Review Committee

The Development Review Committee is made up of representatives of various city departments including:

The following are benefits of a pre-development meeting with the DRC:

  • Opportunity to consult with staff while considering development
  • Understanding the full development costs of requirements and review process
  • Avoids unnecessary expenses and loss of valuable time by identifying potential problems during the concept stage
  • Coordinates the review efforts of several municipal departments in a single meeting
  • Opportunity to explore solutions to problems discovered during the review process

            Development Process

Development Process