The Engineering Division is primarily responsible for design, inspection and contract administration relating to water systems, sewer systems, streets, traffic control, and drainage facilities – functions of which include the following:
  • Master Plan Review / Update
  • Review of Development Plans / Plats
  • Traffic Studies / Transportation Management
  • Permitting within Right-of-Way
  • Construction Inspection Services for Public Facilities
  • Capital Improvements Project Management
  • Homeowner Assistance / Customer Service
  • Coordination with Various Governmental and Regulatory Agencies (TCEQ, EPA, TxDOT, Dallas County, Ellis County; NCTCOG, DWU, TRA)
  • Regulatory Oversight (NPDES, Backflow Prevention)
  • Environmental Compliance and Water Quality
  • Pretreatment Requirements
  • Escarpment Requirements
  • Cross Connection Requirements
  • Storm Water Requirements
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