Gas Drilling Regulations

Gas Drilling & Production
The western portion of Cedar Hill is located over the gas producing Barnett Shale and is a potential area in which gas production companies may seek gas well sites.

The following are Cedar Hill Codes that reference specifically to gas drilling:
Map of the Barnett Shale Basin, as it pertains to gas drilling and production regulations.
  • Chapter 13: Natural Resources, Article II. Cedar Hill Code of Ordinances
  • Chapter 15: Parks and Recreation, Article I
  • Section 4.1.2: Use Charts, City of Cedar Hill Zoning Code
  • Section 3.20: Conditional Use Permit, City of Cedar Hill Zoning Code
Cedar Hill Code of Ordinances
Chapter 13
Natural Resources of the Cedar Hill Code of Ordinances was adopted in 1984 and specifically addresses the extraction of natural resources. The ordinance allows oil and gas drilling on property zoned C - Commercial, I - Industrial or IP - Industrial Park (See Zoning District Map). Additionally, the ordinance prohibits drilling sites on any property zoned for residential use or within 500' of any residential or multi-family structure in any zone. 

Chapter 15
Parks and Recreation of the Cedar Hill Code of Ordinances prohibits drilling in City Parks.

Cedar Hill Zoning Code
Article 4.1.2
Use Charts of the Cedar Hill Zoning Code lists “Oil and / or Gas Extraction” under the heading of Manufacturing, Industrial, and Commercial and specifies that Oil and / or Gas Extraction sites may be authorized by the City Council, provided the they first issue a CUP (Conditional Use Permit pursuant to Section 3.20 of the Cedar Hill Zoning Code).

Section 3.20
Conditional Use Permit of the Cedar Hill Zoning Code allows the City Council to approve specific standards and requirements aimed at mitigating the negative impacts associated with a proposed land use.

Before the City Council considers a request for a CUP, they will first conduct a public hearing and take public comment regarding the request. Notice of this public hearing will be published in the local newspaper of record and mailed to all property owners within 200 feet of the proposed well site. The CUP must be issued by the City Council before drilling activity commences. The City Council may approve the request provided they are satisfied that the conditions for approval, found in Section 3.20.5 of the Zoning Code, have been met.

Gas Well Steering Committee Review
In early 2009, the Cedar Hill City Council appointed a 7 member committee to conduct an in-depth review and analysis of the City’s current gas well [drilling] regulations, as well as those of surrounding cities. The committee completed their work and presented their findings to the City Council in August of that year. [Read more].