Reserve at High Pointe

Reserve at HP Pic

Neighborhood: The Reserve at High Pointe Phases I II & III
Developed: 2000
Number of Homes: 229
Special Features: Neighborhood Park
   public improvement district, website
Awards/Recognition: 2013 Premier Neighborhood Award (High Pointe)
Organization Type:
Crime Watch and Neighborhood Organization
Participation: Voluntary
Contact  JD Hemphill-McDonald

       DID YOU KNOW?

  • Zula B. Wylie Library will have a Rain Barrel Workshop, Sept. 23, 2017 by Texas A&M
  • In Lieu of National Night Out (NNO), please attend High Pointe PID#1 "Neighborhood Meet & Greet" on October 3, 2017 at Bradford Park
  • There will be a Walk with Mayor Franke at Bradford Park, October 21, 2017 at 9AM
  • "Love Your Neighborhood" encourages citizens to be involved in our premier city
  • Signing up on Notify Me at allows you to receive citywide notifications via email or phone
  • Voluntary participation in The Community Camera Registration Program, reporting "suspicious behavior"  to neighbors and police are quick yet very effective ways to keep all of our neighborhoods safe  
  • The Fire Marshal stated barbecue equipment (including smokers) should not be used within 10 feet of a house, fence or structure to prevent fires and damage to same


THE RESERVE at High Pointé

“We Act because WE SHOULD...Not because WE CAN!”

The  Reserve at High Pointé Citizens ACKNOWLEDGE and RESPECT

R  Real Property as “a place for special use”

E  Every Human Being

S  Safety and Harmony

E  Environmentally-Friendly Green Living

R  the Rules of our City and CC&R’s as signed by all Homeowners

V  the Value of People and Property Improvements

E  Expectations of Real Property Value Increases

THE RESERVE at High Pointé looks forward to meeting you and collecting your ideas.

We are eager to Restore Joint Pride in OUR 3 Reserve Neighborhoods!!!

Would you like to join us?  Click HERE to take the survey.