Home Delivery Service

Now Available at the Zula B. Wylie Public Library!
Contactless Delivery of library books and DVDs to your home.

This service is for Cedar Hill residents with a valid library card who demonstrate a need, such as being elderly, homebound, ill, or in some other need to be determined by the library. This service is not available for children unless there are exigent circumstances.

How It Works

Cedar hill residents with valid library card can submit an application online, request Home Delivery Service over the phone or in person. Customer will be required to demonstrate a need for the service, such as being elderly, homebound, ill, or in some other need to be determined by the library. ZBWPL will review all applications and will maintain a database of citizens who are registered and approved for Home Delivery Service.  

Once approved, customers can place holds on items through the Library Online Catalog or over the phone. There is a limit of ten books and DVDs per delivery site, not cardholder. Technology items are not included.

Items will only be handled by staff who are wearing masks and gloves.

Items to be delivered will be:

  • Placed in a bag with information of cardholders requested location for delivery and phone number. Library will use ZBWPL bags sealed with an "inspected by" tag, identifying the staff member who filled the request.
  • Placed in a bin and sorted for delivery.
  • Home Delivery Service deliveries will take place one day a week to be determined. 
  • Delivery staff member will call or text the designated phone number and inform cardholder that items have been delivered.
  • Staff will under no circumstances enter homes or delivery locations, however, staff will wear PPE when delivering requested items.

Return of Home Delivery Service items:

  • Items to be returned will be put in library bag and placed on doorstep or delivery location on the day determined to be delivery day of new items. Items can also be returned through book drop at the library.
  • Staff will wear masks and gloves to pick up bagged items and place them in a container/bin with a lid in the vehicle used for deliveries. Stall will under no circumstances handle items to be returned until they are back in the library. Returned items will be handled according to library procedures for returned items when they are back in the library. Items will be handled with gloves and masks. Items will be sprayed with disinfectant and allowed to air dry. All items with the exceptions of board books and magazines will be quarantined 72 hours before being made available to the public. Board books and magazines will be quarantined for five days. All bins will be sanitized after every delivery.
Home Delivery Service
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