Drought & Ponds

Low Pond Levels During Drought

The City DOES NOT maintain pond water levels with drinking water from the potable water system.

Ponds are part of our natural environment. Water levels naturally rise and fall with weather conditions. The North Texas climate is susceptible to drought. During a drought, ponds in our neighborhood and community parks may experience low water levels. Though low water levels may be an eyesore, adequate rainfall is the only feasible solution to raise water levels. Chlorinated water is toxic to much aquatic life and a prohibited discharge outside of regular maintenance of the potable water system. Sourced unchlorinated water is costly and ultimately infeasible. Nearly 30,000 gallons of sourced unchlorinated water would raise a 1-acre pond by only 1-inch.

Our safe drinking water is a precious resource and requires conservation, especially during a drought.

Other Issues

For other water or sewer issues, contact the Public Works Department online via My Cedar Hill or call 972-291-5126.

For other park maintenance issues, contact the Parks and Recreation Department online via My Cedar Hill or call 972-291-5130.

For other stormwater issues, contact the Environmental Department online via My Cedar Hill or call 972-291-5126.