Proposed Budget for Year 2023-2024

In September, the Cedar Hill City Council will take action on the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 budget, which includes a recommendation for a reduction in the property tax rate to $0.646525 per $100 valuation. The proposed budget maintains the services infrastructure, and amenities that are the foundation to everyday life in Cedar Hill for about $5 per day for the average homeowner. The budget also includes a significant investment in Public Safety personnel and equipment and the first year operating cost for the new Library, Museum, and Signature Park. 

The Cedar Hill City Council will hold a public hearing on the budget and tax rate on Tuesday, September 12 at 7 p.m. at the Cedar Hill Government Center. The meeting agenda will be posted 72 hours in advance at View the notices for the public hearings below:

View Notice for Public Hearing on Tax Rate (PDF)

View Notice for Public Hearing on Budget (PDF)

View FY2023-24 Proposed Budget (PDF)

View Notice of Tax Rate (PDF)

View Budget & Tax Information (PDF)

View Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet (PDF)