Greenbelts, Nature Preserves & Special Purpose Parks

In addition to the existing Community and Neighborhood parks, Cedar Hill has one special purpose park and six greenbelts totaling nearly 41 acres of park land. The majority of these parks exist along creeks and drainage ways and many include trails. There is also four open space preserves/nature areas in Cedar Hill, totaling an additional 248 acres of park land with Cedar Hill.
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  1. Greenbelts
  2. Nature Preserves
  3. Special Purpose Parks
Cedar Trails - 940 Black Walnut Trail
This 15 acre park features the following, one full basketball court, one play structure for children, ages 5 - 12 and one unlit pavilion with no electrical outlets with 2 picnic tables.
 Map to Cedar Trails Green Belt
Waterford Oaks East - 638 Oak Creek Drive 
This 8 acre park features a pond, concrete Picnic Areas and paved trail measuring 3,000 ft. (approximately 0.6 miles)
Map to Waterford Oaks Green Belt
Windmill Hill - 1310 Watercourse Way 
This 3 acre green belt and open space property currently features a 1,500 ft. paved trail (approximately 0.3 miles).
Map to Windmill Hill Green Belt
Wooded Creek - 955 Wooded Creek Drive
This 7 acre park features, one play structure for children 5 - 12 years old, one unlit pavilion with no electrical outlets with 2 picnic tables, and paved trail measuring 3,000 ft. (approximately .57 miles).
Map to Wooded Creek Green Belt