Firefighter Health and Fitness

Dangerous Calling

Firefighting is 1 of the most physically demanding jobs in the world. Therefore, the Cedar Hill Fire Department makes fitness a priority. Cedar Hill Firefighters undergo:

Sudden Cardiac Death

Approximately 100 firefighters die annually in the line of duty. Nearly 50% die from sudden cardiac death, secondary to overexertion.
Firefighter suiting up in fire gear.
Getting Healthy
Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds, or looking to add muscle to your frame, it all starts with clean eating. Please follow the handy 7 Rules of Eating Clean guide, for further inspiration.
Peer Fitness Trainers (PFT)
The role of the PFT is to encourage safety and participation in fitness through guidance and supervision of personal exercise. PFTs are available to all members of the Fire Department. 

PFTs have been trained and educated in a state certified training course. Upon completion and certification, the peer trainers are educated in the following areas:
  • Development of exercise programs
  • Exercise safety
  • Nutritional and wellness consultation
  • Proper exercise techniques
  • Science of exercise