Patrol & Community Services Officers

Patrol Officers
The Patrol Division performs numerous functions. In 2012, Cedar Hill patrol officers responded to 24,747 citizen intitated calls for service. Some of the responsibilities of patrol officers include:
  • Conducting traffic enforcement
  • Investigating traffic accidents
  • Providing initial response to all calls for service
  • Conducting preliminary investigation of crimes reported
  • Making arrests
  • Preparing reports that are submitted to the Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation
  • Conducting directed activities
  • Keeping watch on their assigned beats

Community Service Officers
In addition to police officers, the patrol division has community service officers assigned varying hours to assist officers in handling non-emergency calls. The community service officers take reports, assist with crime scenes, and perform tasks such as looking for City ordinance violations.

Ride Along Program
This program provides officers the opportunity to explain the how’s and why’s of police work. Too often, citizens’ perceptions of police work are based solely on television dramas. The program gives the citizen the opportunity to see incidents from the officer's perspective. Both parties gain a better understanding of police and public contacts, and both are able to provide positive ideas for improving police and community relations.  To participate, complete the applicable forms in the packet and return them to the Cedar Hill Police Department.  After a review, you will be notified if your application has been approved or denied.  If approved, we will work with you to schedule a ride along time.
Ride Along Program Application