Cedar Hill Police K-9 Unit
The Cedar Hill Police Department recognizes the value of utilizing Police Service Dogs to enhance crime suppression efforts and increase officer and public safety. The Cedar Hill Police Service Dog and its handler are specially trained to provide the following services:
  • Protection: trained to provide protection to officers as well as the handler from assaults.
  • Criminal Apprehension: trained to assist in the apprehension of criminals who pose a threat to officers and citizens.
  • Building Searches: respond to buildings that have been burglarized to search for criminals that may be secreted inside.
  • Tracking: Due to their ultra sensitive sense of smell, Police Service Dogs are trained to track down and locate criminal suspects that have fled from police officers or offense location.
  • Narcotics: trained to conduct vehicle and building searches for illegal narcotics.
K-9 Titus
Corporal Podany & Titus
Corporal Podany and K-9 "Titus" have been a K-9 Team since 2010.  "Titus” is trained as a dual purpose canine that is capable of searching and tracking criminals, article/evidence searching, handler protection, and drug detection. “Titus” is a Belgian Malinois and weighs approximately 60 pounds. “Titus” is certified through the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA).

If you would like more information about the K9 Unit or are interested in having the Cedar Hill K9 Unit perform a demonstration, please contact Lt. Charles Reiss 972.291.5181 x2176 or  Corporal Podany 972.291.5181 x2110.