Cedar Hill Keeps Getting Safer

Cedar Hill is one of the safest cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area according to data in the Cedar Hill Police Department Annual Report for 2007. The rate of major crimes dropped over 9%, continuing a trend of lower Crime Index ratings that started in 2002. 
Chief Steve Rhodes said “We are a safe community with a no-nonsense approach to crime prevention. Our known reputation and message to criminals is, don’t come to the Hill to commit a crime because we (police) will catch you!”
Crimes Against Persons, which include murder, rape and aggravated assault were down 22.3% last year and property crimes dropped 8.4%. Violent crimes were down 13.7%.
Police activity for the year was up, measured by citizen-initiated calls, and even the number of officers’ self-initiated responses were up. Response times for all categories improved in 2007.
Accidents on FM 1382, which runs through the commercial heart of Cedar Hill, were down 34% last year and injury accidents were down 14%.
According to Chief Rhodes, “Our successes are attributable to the dedicated men and women of the department and partnerships developed within the community.”

Officers in Uptown Village