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Online Cat Surrender Form

  1. Have you tried looking into help for the reason of surrender?*
  2. Please fill out the following in as much detail as possible. Accurate and detailed information can help us make the best match possible between your pet and family or rescue group.
  3. Pet's gender:*
  4. Is your pet fixed (sterilized/ altered)?*
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  7. Please check all that apply that describes your cat's behavior:*
  8. Where does your pet stay the majority of it's time?*
  9. Where does the pet sleep?*
  10. What age group has the pet lived with? Select all that apply.*
  11. How would you describe your pet around children? Check all that apply.*
  12. How does your pet react to strangers? Check all that apply.*
  13. Does the cat use the litter box?*
  14. If yes, what kind of litter do you use?*
  15. If no, has the cat been examined to rule out any physical problems?*
  16. How often does the cat have accidents in the house?*
  17. Does your pet have any fears? Check all that apply.*
  18. Does your pet have any negative behaviors? Check all that apply.*
  19. Does your pet have any positive behaviors? Check all that apply.*
  20. Does this cat use a scratching post?*
  21. Has this cat scratched on furniture?*
  22. Does your pet escape?*
  23. Has your pet been with other animals? *
  24. Does your pet prefer to be the only cat?*
  25. Does the cat get along with other animals such as? Check all that apply.*
  26. Has your pet shown any signs of aggression? Check all that apply.*
  27. For any negative or aggressive behavior have you attempted training or had the cat examined?
  28. Has your cat ever bitten someone?*
  29. Does your pet enjoy being groomed?*
  30. Does your pet tolerate having his/her nails clipped? *
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  32. Has your pet had flea prevention medication within the past 30 days?*
  33. When was the cat usually fed?*
  34. Do you own any other animals? Check all that apply.*
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