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Birding Backpack Reservation Form

  1. Birding backpack reservation form INSTRUCTIONS

    The birding backpacks are available for FREE checkout to all adult Cedar Hill residents for up to 4 days or a weekend period. Please provide 7-days notice from your reservation start date to confirm backpack availability. Staff will contact you if the backpacks are ready for checkout. Driver's license with Cedar Hill address required upon checkout. You will sign a waiver upon checkout.

    Please pick up backpacks at Development Services located on the 2nd Floor of the Cedar Hill Government Center (285 Uptown) open Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

  2. When do you need the backpack?
  3. When will you return the backpack?
  4. Where will you be birding?*

    Check all that apply

  5. Only required if you selected Other in the "Where will you be birding?" question.
  6. OPTIONAL. List the sizes and quantity. Sizes small to 3XL available. Cannot exceed the number of requested backpacks. Leave blank if you do not want t-shirts.

  7. Equipment agreement form and ID

    Remember to complete and turn in the equipment agreement form. Driver's license with Cedar Hill address required upon checkout.

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