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Get in the game with Cedar Hill Esports!

A new program started by the Cedar Hill Parks and Recreation department, Cedar Hill Esports let’s community resident’s sign up for tournaments in their favorite games and compete against their friends and others from home!

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Want to Play?

1. Check out the tabs below to view our active tournaments.
2. Use the form to register for the tournament.
3. We will send you tournament player information, and the invite link to join our tournament on Battlefy.

  1. NBA2K
  2. Madden
  3. Call of Duty

NBA2K20 Tournament

Welcome to the Next.

Tournament Start(approximate): June 29

Enter our NBA2K20 tournament on PS4 and prove your dominance over other players. Winners will receive a Cedar Hill Esports champion T-shirt! Check the rules, and sign up below!

Game Rules:

• All current teams are eligible (All-stars and classic teams are not allowed)  
• Players can use the same team
• No customized rosters  
• Game settings should be the defaults  
•Team size: 1v1  
• Difficulty: Superstar
• Match length : 5 minutes quarters  
• Everything else: Default
• Game speed: Norm 

Tournament Rules:

  • Sign up below and join our Discord:
  • Obey the Code of Conduct or risk being kicked.
  • Play your scheduled games and report back scores. Failure to play scheduled matches in a timely manner will result in an automatic Loss.