Cedar Hill State Park

2020 | AUG 3 – Most State Parks Open for Day Visits and Camping 
Most state parks, including this one, are open. Some limitations and guidelines are in place for everyone's safety. We strongly encourage making day pass and camping reservations before you visit. Reserve them online or by calling (512) 389-8900.

What to know before you visit:

  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged.
  • State parks are not accepting cash or checks; credit cards only.
  • No groups of over 10 people are allowed, except for families or people living in the same household.
  • Maintain at least a six-foot distance from people not in your group.
  • Most park headquarters, visitor centers and stores are open.
  • State park is not renting or loaning equipment
  • In-person events will have limited capacity.
  • Park hours may be adjusted - be sure to check park hours before you visit. Contact the park for the gate code during regular hours if you will be arriving after hours to camp. 
  • Check travel restrictions before you go.                  

Trail access depends on weather and trail repairs, please see the park Facebook page for updates.

Contact the park for the latest information.

Camping, Hiking, Kayaking and so much more!Large mouth bass catch

Located on beautiful Joe Pool Lake, Cedar Hill State Park is one of the most visited parks in Texas consisting of 1,826 acres of rugged, natural beauty reminiscent of the Texas hill country. If was not for the amazing views of the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines, visitors easily forget they are in the largest urban park in the state and the fourth largest metropolitan area in the nation.

Whether you want to take the boat out, go fishing, swim, or kayak, the 7,500 acre Joe Pool Lake is the place!  But it’s not all about the lake. The surrounding area’s superb natural beauty and proximity to other attractions draw visitors from all over the country.

The park features numerous fishing piers, over 350 mostly wooded campsites, lakeside picnic sites, hike and bike trails, a swimming area and a 25-acre agricultural history center.

White crappie, largemouth bass and catfish are the main sport fish around Joe Pool Lake, but sunfish are also present and very catchable.

A Beautiful Look at Farm Life Long Ago

Penn Farm Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Parks Opens in new windowAgricultural History Center pays tribute to the disappearing Texas family farm and affords a glimpse into agrarian history when farm machinery took the place of the horse and mule. The farm is open seven days a week to self-guided tours (PDF). Special, guided tours are available for schools and other groups by calling 972-291-5940.

Trails of Cedar Hill State Park

There are four trails in Cedar Hill State Park. The largest trail, Dorba, is a shared use mountain biking and hiking trail. The remaining trails, Overlook, Duck Pond and Talala, are only for hiking. The trails are closed when wet to prevent erosion on the pathways. Fortunately you can check on the status of the trails before you visit the park by calling 972-291-3900 or by visiting the Cedar Hill State Park Facebook Page. You are also allowed to have your dog out on the trails, provided they are kept on a leash.

Click here for the Trails Map PDF to print and bring along!


DORBA Trail was created primarily through the efforts of the Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association (DORBA), hence the trail name. They worked closely with Cedar Hill State Park management to help design and build the trail. Their efforts returned a big dividend for off road bicyclists as the trail is now considered one of the top mountain bike trails in the state.

DORBA Trail has three loops: Short (2.5 miles), Middle (7 miles) and Outer (10 plus miles). The paths pass through wooded areas but are fairly open for much of their length. Having the sun beating down on you can make a warm summer hike considerably warmer so be sure to plan ahead and bring an adequate supply of water.

The trail is what you might expect from a design made for mountain biking. There are plenty of twists, turns, and ups and downs. None of this is too strenuous, but if you are looking for an easy, short hike, you will be better off using one of the other three trails.

The most important rule on the DORBA Trail is that bikers travel in a clockwise direction and hikers travel counter-clockwise. When hiking, make sure you are attentive to watching and listening for approaching bicyclists. Their faster rate of travel and the fact a biker cannot ’hear’ a walker makes it difficult for a rider to know there is a hiker ahead.

On the other hand, if you are walking it is relatively easy for you to hear approaching riders. When you hear a bicyclist, quickly find a place to stand off the trail and allow the biker(s) to pass.

Watch the video below that was taken along the DORBA Trail to see how it looks.

Overlook Trail

Overlook Trail is found at the north end of Cedar Hill State Park and is accessed from the Shady Ridge camping area. There is a small creek crossing the trail at its very beginning, but soon it begins to gain elevation and head up toward the overlook.

Nothing spectacular is found along this trail, but it is an easy trek through some nice woodland areas. The real attraction of this trail, besides the workout you get walking up the hill, is the sweeping view of Joe Pool Lake from the overlook.

For those folks that are not able to enter the trail from within the State Park, you can also access the overlook parking lot from FM 1382, north of the park entrance.

Duck Pond Trail

The half-mile Duck Pond Trail is the shortest hiking trail in Cedar Hill State Park. This loop passes through small open fields, forest habitat and along the edge of Duck Pond. There are also a few bridges along the way as the winding path crosses over a small creek.

The trail itself is rather wide throughout its course and the bridges prevent having to traverse any rough terrain. If you are just looking to stretch your legs without having to go on a rigorous trek, this is definitely the trail for you.

Talala Trail

The Talala Trail winds through open fields, wooded areas and by, and through, a few small gullies. While you never get a view of the lake itself, the easternmost leg of the trail does pass close to the shore of Joe Pool Lake. The length of the trail and the ups and downs make it a bit more challenging than the Overlook and Duck Pond trails, but it is not difficult for anyone who considers themselves a hiker.

The trail is blazed, but there are also a few places where the trail’s location can be a little confusing. The herbaceous vegetation grows dense and tall in low lying areas and this can obscure the path for short stretches. Since this trail passes through a range of habitats, it provides the best opportunity in Cedar Hill State Park for viewing the greatest diversity of birds in a relatively short amount of time.

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