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Posted on: February 12, 2024

Cedar Hill Police Department Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Cedar Hill Police Department (CHPD) is hitting a big milestone - it's turning 50 this February! They're not just letting the occasion slide, though. Nope, they're digging deep into their past and bringing out some cool stuff. The police folks are getting special badges that are like throwbacks to the first-ever police chief, Chief Marshall Crow.

In a nostalgic nod to the past, officers will be seen sporting these badges throughout the year, as reported by the Cedar Hill Police Department. These badges aren't just decorative, they're symbols of the department's longstanding commitment to the community. Officials say they serve as a reminder of the foundation laid by those who came before and the enduring values that continue to guide law enforcement's efforts today. 

The commemorative badges are slated to be a fixture on officers' uniforms for 2024, weaving the past into the fabric of daily service. "Officers can wear this badge on their uniforms for the rest of 2024," as per the Cedar Hill Police Department, heralding the integration of tradition with the progression of time. As the CHPD honors its golden anniversary, it pays homage to the legacy of Chief Marshall Crow and the evolution of the department over five decades of policing. Police departments across the nation often mark significant anniversaries with similar gestures, commemorating the milestones that shape their identities and cultures. 

The CHPD's decision to celebrate its golden jubilee with a tangible piece of history is a move that grounds the present force in, a sense of a shared past – while continuing to look forward to the future. It's a commemoration of service that both acknowledges the history of the badge and the continued commitment required to wear it. 

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