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  1. Citizens On Patrol Check-In

    COP volunteer information

  2. Community Camera Registration Program

    A program where residents and businesses can register their surveillance cameras for future investigative use by the police department.

  3. Law Enforcement Advisory and Development Council Application

    This application is for High School students who are sophomore or higher grade level and attend school in Cedar Hill or live in Cedar... More…

  4. Submit A Tip

    If you know who the person pictured is, please submit a tip.

  1. Citizens On Patrol Check-Out

    Use this form when completing your patrol activity

  2. H.O.M.E. Helping Our Missing Endangered Registration form

    A program where residents can provide critical information to assist first responders in locating missing persons of any age who may... More…

  3. National Night Out Neighborhood Registration

    This registration form should only be completed by a neighborhood crime watch coordinator, block captain or designee.