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Public Works

  1. 2017 Don't Mess with Texas Trash-Off

    Register your group to be eligible for free cleanup supplies.

  2. Adopt Cedar Hill Cleanup Report

    Organizations participating in Adopt Cedar Hill must submit a cleanup report within 5 days of a scheduled event.

  3. Birding Backpack Reservation Form

    Birding backpack reservation form

  4. Green Awards Application

    The Cedar Hill Green Awards will award up to $3,000 and may distribute among one or several qualifying projects, through a competitive... More…

  5. Industrial User Contact Update

    Environmental Services conducts routine environmental inspections. Complete the form to update the contact information at your... More…

  6. Pool and Spa Contact Information Form

    Pool and spa contact information

  1. Adopt Cedar Hill Cleanup Notification Form

    Submit this form to notify Cedar Hill of your upcoming cleanup event.

  2. Adopt Cedar Hill Registration

    The Adopt Cedar Hill Program is a cooperative effort between the City of Cedar Hill, residents, business owners, clubs and... More…

  3. Citywide Cleanup Sponsorships
  4. Green Awards Project Final Report

    The City of Cedar Hill in partnership with the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce, Waste Management, and the Beautification and... More…

  5. KCHB Service Hours Request Form

    Keep Cedar Hill Beautiful service hours request for volunteers

  6. Trail Plogging Station Survey

    Trail Plogging Station Survey