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Adopt Cedar Hill Registration

  1. Adopt Cedar Hill
    The Adopt Cedar Hill Program is a cooperative effort between the City of Cedar Hill, residents, business owners, clubs and organizations to keep right-of-ways, parks, trails and neighborhoods clean and beautiful. Interested parties may adopt one or more sections of roadway, parks or trails in Cedar Hill.
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  3. Adoption Type*
  4. For street adoptions, name the street and the beginning to end locations on the street. (EX: Bradford Park, Pleasant Run Trail, Uptown Blvd from Beltline Rd to FM 1382)
  5. Staff will contact you if the name needs modification to fit the nameplate. Staff recommendation: 30 characters max including spaces.
  6. Minimum of 1 year adoption period with 4 cleanups per year. Write "No End Date" if you would like to adopt the location in perpetuity.
  7. List the name(s) of each individual that will be participating in the cleanup of the adopted area. If any of the individuals are under 18 years of age, please note the age next to their name
  9. Eligibility
    To be eligible a group must be located in, reside in, conduct business in or associated in some way with the City of Cedar Hill or organizations within the City of Cedar Hill. City staff have the right to determine, accept and/or refuse eligibility.
  10. Adopted Area
    Adopters will adopt a park, trail or street within Cedar Hill city limits to be determined by agreement of the adopters and the City of Cedar Hill for a minimum of one year. For street adoption, Adopters will adopt a section of street that is a minimum of one mile in length unless the City determines a shorter length is in the best interest of the City, within the City limits by agreement of the Adopters and the City of Cedar Hill, according to the age of the group members and the area to be adopted. For park and trail adoption, all parks and trails recognized in the City of Cedar Hill Parks Master Plan is eligible for adoption. Adopters will appoint or select a member to serve as appointed representative and will maintain contact with the City of Cedar Hill.
  11. Adoption Time Period
    Adopters will agree to a minimum of a one year agreement, renewable upon approval. The City may refuse renewal for any reason.
  12. Maintenance Guidelines
    Maintenance of park/trail/street must be completed a minimum of 4 (four) times per year including the spring and fall clean-up, and at other times as requested by the City of Cedar Hill. Maintenance will include, but not limited to such things as litter cleanup, debris removal, minor park/trail/street maintenance, etc. The City of Cedar Hill agrees to supply trash bags to assist in park/trail/street clean up. Requests for trash bags must be made seven days in advance of a scheduled event. The City of Cedar Hill will pick up and dispose of the trash bags filled by the Adopters after they complete each cleanup. The filled trash bags may be left in a neat pile in the adopted area. The City must be notified in advance of the exact date of the cleanup so that arrangements can be made to have the trash bags disposed of promptly. Adopters should not pick up material other than what fits in the criteria of household garbage and what is able to be disposed of inside a trash bag. Adopters should note the location and notify the City of any large items, such as old furniture, large appliances, etc. are found during the litter pick up. The City of Cedar Hill reserves the right to end adoption in cases where park/trail/streets are being maintained according to the Adoption Terms and Conditions.
  13. Cleanup Reports
    The Authorized Representative must submit a Cleanup Report after each event is completed.
  14. Safety
    Each adopter will be responsible for maintaining a first-aid kit while participating in the litter pickup. Participants in the group agree to obey and abide by all laws and regulations relating to safety as may be required by the City of Cedar Hill. (The City will furnish the adopters with a Safety Tips Sheet.) When participants are 15 years of age or younger, the adopters will furnish adequate supervision by adults over 21 years of age. All volunteers must sign a liability waiver the morning of the cleanup event. (The City will furnish the adopters with a Volunteer Sign-In Sheet.)
  15. Signage
    The City of Cedar Hill agrees to provide sign recognition on the adopted section with the name of the individual/group displayed. If the adopted street is located within a neighborhood, it will be the responsibility of the adopter to obtain written permission from a homeowner to have a sign installed in the property owner’s yard. If written permission is not provided to the City of Cedar Hill, signage recognition will be placed at the entrance of the neighborhood on the city right-of-way.
  16. Forfeiture of Adopted Area
    The adoption of a park, trail or street shall be forfeited, have name plate removed, and be made available for adoption for the following reasons: Failure to meet terms and conditions of registration during any part of adoption period; Inactivity; and/or Registration expired and was not renewed.
  17. Electronic Signature
    By signature below, the Adopters acknowledge that they are aware of the hazardous nature of the work to be performed which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, physical injury or even death and/or property damage as a result of working on or near motor vehicle traffic, physical overexertion, sun exposure, exposure to cold, cuts and insect, reptile or animal stings or bites. Nevertheless, the Adopters agree to the conditions of the work and further agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Cedar Hill, its action and all damages of whatsoever kind of nature resulting directly or indirectly from cleaning up the adopted area. If the undersigned is other than an individual, the undersigned certifies, warrants and represents that the individual whose signature below is duly authorized to execute this agreement on behalf of the firm, corporation, partnership, club, organization or other entity which desires to be an Adopter.
  18. City staff will contact you on the adoption approval. Signage and nameplate printing and installation typically takes 4-6 weeks following adoption approval.
    For more information, contact Duy Vu at 972-291-5126 x2819 or at
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