Reserve at High Pointe


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"We act because we should...Not because we can!"



R Real Property as "a place for special use"

E Every Human Being

S Safety and Harmony

E Environmentally-Friendly Green Living

R the Rules of our City Council and Representatives are signed by all Homeowners

V the Value of People and Property Improvements

E Expectations of Real Property Value Increases

The Reserve looks forward to meeting you and Restoring Joint Pride in our 3 Reserve Neighborhoods!


Did You Know?

  • Neighborhood Services "Good Neighbor Tips" encourage citizens to Remember the "Golden Rule".
  • No Parking is allowed within 10 feet of a Postal collection box/receptacle. Section11-119.(3).c., Section11-118, Section 11-131 Penalties. Postal workers do not have to deliver mail if it requires getting out of their vehicles.
  • No Parking is allowed for visitors or residents within 25 feet of an Alley Entrance or Exit on both sides of street, 7 am to 6 pm, except Sunday. Ordinance number 2018-640, Amended Chapter 11, Article III, Section 11-119(a)(2)(d)
  • Leaving Grass Cuttings in alleys, etc. is Litter. Section 9-60 (a) Unlawful to litter; Section 1-7 General Penalty;
  • The Fire Marshal stated barbecue equipment (including smokers) should not be used within 10 feet of a house, fence, or structure to prevent fires and damage to same.