Operation Clean Sweep (OCS)


Please be advised that our Code Enforcement team will be actively working in your area to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations. 

Your cooperation is appreciated as we strive to maintain a safe and well-maintained community for all.

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In 2010, Code Enforcement implemented Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). This program allows for:

  • Property by property code compliance check
  • A more comprehensive inspection of the properties in the neighborhood or area
  • Engaging with neighborhood leaders, residents, and property owners
  • Neighborhood Revitalization through improving aesthetics and neighborhood pride

How are the neighborhoods chosen?

The OCS initiative carefully considers various factors to identify areas for intervention. These factors include:

  • Areas with a higher frequency of reported issues, such as code violations or environmental concerns, may be prioritized.
  • We value feedback from residents to understand specific concerns and priorities.

Our goal is to create a fair and comprehensive approach to address community needs. If you have suggestions or insights, we encourage you to share them with us via email for consideration in future OCS initiatives. Together, we can create a cleaner, safer, and more vibrant community for everyone.

Year Neighborhood/Area
2023 Stonewood Heights (North)
2022 Highlands South (West)
2020 Springfield
2019 Highlands South (East)
2018 Windsor Park
2017 Cedar Crest
2016 Shadybrook/Wildflower
2015 Historic Downtown
2014 Stonewood Heights
2013 South Hills/ Meadowbrooke
2012 South Clark Road Corridor
2011 North Hwy 67 Triangle
2010 Highlands South


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