Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

In July 2011, the City completed installation of a Solar PV system on top of the Government Center building with grant funding in the amount of $950,000. This project's goal was to harness the energy received by the Earth from the Sun with a 480-panel solar photovoltaic system totaling 152.64 kilowatts. The solar installation saves over $21,000 annually in electricity costs.

The City has a real-time monitoring system where citizens can view the amount of energy generated as well as the monetary and environmental benefits of the system.

The City Council gave the direction to pursue green initiatives and technologies, which relate to the vision of being a premier city where families and businesses flourish in a safe and clean environment.

Dallas Morning News article (11/25/11) on Cedar Hill's solar panels and green initiatives

For additional information, please call 972.291.5100 x 1007.

Wind Energy

In June 2012, the City activated a 4.5 kW wind turbine system. Located on the south lawn of the Government Center, it looks more like a piece of public art than it does a generator of electricity. Fully funded by grants, the wind turbine is already saving residents money. Oncor is paying the City $1,550 as an incentive for using renewable energy technology.

See the power in real time

During business hours, visitors to the Government Center can view the energy monitoring system on the first floor across from the Utility Billing windows.

The City has an online portal to show, in real time, the amount of solar and wind energy generated.

Electric / Hybrid Car Chargers

Near the wind turbine, in the parking lot south of the Government Center, are two electric car charging systems available to the public. The City hopes to stimulate interest in alternative vehicles.

The City has incorporated two Nissan electric vehicles in its fleet with two additional charging stations dedicated for them.

Solar Panel Installations

The City encourages all residents and businesses to install solar panels.

  1. Complete a building permit application (PDF).
  2. Include a site plan and solar panel specifications.
  3. For more information, contact Building Inspections at 972.291.5100, extension 1093.