Permit Process

Building Permits

A permit is required for any construction, change in use or occupancy, alteration, and/or repair of any structure, roofing, exterior doors or windows, building, or building system including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and irrigation systems.

Building Permit Fee Schedule

Online Permitting & Inspections

The City of Cedar Hill is excited to announce the launch of the City’s new online permit and plan management system, EnerGov Customer Self Service. As of September 2018, users of the online platform are now able to:

  • Apply for all building permits, including uploading plans
  • Check processing status for permits
  • Pay fees
  • Schedule building inspections
  • Check inspection results
  • Submit for planning cases, including uploading plans
  • Check processing status for planning cases

To begin using EnerGov Customer Self Service, please go to the EnerGov Customer Self Service website. New users must register for an account. Please review the EnerGov Registration Instructions on how to register. Once logged in, all permits and cases tied to the account will be available to view.

Access EnerGov Customer Self Service website.

Request an Inspection

To request a building inspection for work completed with an issued permit, please submit a request before 4:00pm the day before the requested inspection day. 

  • Submit a request through the portal
  • Email City Inspections; or
  • Call 972.291.5100 ext. 1090

Single Family Dwelling & Remodel

  • Complete a building permit application (PDF)
  • Include three complete sets of plans of the following:
    • Floor plan
    • Elevation plans
    • Door and window schedules
    • Foundation plans
    • Plot plan
    • Framing details
    • Energy plan review (IC3 or Energy Star)
    • Wall bracing details
  • If in the Lake Ridge Subdivision, please submit the soils report and engineered foundation required.
  • If in the Lake Ridge Subdivision, an engineered drainage plan is required.
  • If in Eagle Ford Shale area, assure compliance with Eagle Ford Shale area requirements (PDF).

Commercial Buildings

  • Complete a building permit application (PDF)
  • Include five complete sets of plans of the following:
    • Site plan indicating all setbacks, parking spaces, sidewalks, fire lanes, landscaping and easements
    • Site utility plan
    • Floor plans
    • Exterior and interior elevation plans
    • Wall and building sections
    • Stairways, hand and guardrails, toilet plans
    • Door and window schedule and details
    • Structural plans of columns, beams and framing
    • Foundation plans and details
    • Plumbing, electrical and mechanical plans
    • Energy plan review (ComCheck)
    • All other plans and details which may be necessary for review of the project
    • Submit plan review fee (45% of the commercial permit fee)
  • Site plan approval required from Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council prior to permitting any new structure

Pool, Spa or Hot Tub

Contractor Permits (Plumbing, Irrigation, Electrical, & HVAC)


  • Complete a building permit application (PDF)
  • Include one complete set of plans of the following:
    • Site plan showing the location of the fences on the property
    • Fence height and direction of gate swing


  • Complete a building permit application (PDF)
  • Include one complete set of plans of the following:
    • Sign dimensions
    • Sign specifications
    • Structural design (with engineer’s seal)
    • Plot plan showing sign location

Small Cell Sites

  • Step One: Location Approval
    • Submit only cover sheet with contact information and site plan to Building Inspections. No more than 15 locations can be submitted at one time.
      • Permanent address location will be issued.
      • Engineering will review location for approval.
      • Applicant will receive an email of location approval however, this IS NOT a ROW Permit.
    • If applicant receives an approval of location and construction is anticipated to begin within the next 6 months, applicant will submit Building Permit application with supporting documents.
  • Step Two: Building Permit Application Submittal
    • Applicant submits the following to Building Inspections Department:
      • Building Permit application (PDF);
      • Approval by Oncor or other franchise if new site requires locating on existing utility pole or removal & replacement of existing utility pole or light pole;
      • New electrical services shall be underground and reflected on Site Plan;
      • Valid contractor Certificate of Insurance with City of Cedar Hill as Certificate Holder;
      • All documentation must have assigned address;
      • General contractor and sub-contractor registration and validation; AND
      • Three (3) hard copies of plans on 11x17 format and one (1) digital copy in PDF format or on CD or USB.
    • Applicant will be notified when Building Permit is ready to be issued and fees due. Amount of fees shall be calculated by the following:
      • $500 per small cell node;
      • $500 per new pole, if applicable; AND
      • $250 annual rate small cell node fee. 
    • Fees must be made at the time permits are picked up. The following are acceptable means of payment:
      • Cash - exact change only
      • Check - made payable to the City of Cedar Hill (No temporary checks)
      • Credit Cards - Visa/MasterCard/Discover (No American Express)
  • Step Three: Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit Application Submittal
    • After receipt of Building Permit and ten (10) working days prior to the start of construction, applicant will submit a Right-of-Way Permit application. There is no fee for the ROW Permit. Information regarding the ROW Permit and forms are on the City website. Please contact Deborah Binder at 972-291-5126 x 2853 with any questions or concerns. Applicant will contact Sr. Construction Inspector at 469-865-8010 prior to any work in right-of-way. Contractors must verify and confirm that all City owned facilities are properly located, clearly marked and identified prior to commencement of any work AND every ten (10) days during construction activity.
  • Step Four: 
    • Prior to any foundation or electrical work, applicant will contact Building Inspections at 972-291-5100 x 1093 to request inspection.
  • Step Five: 
    • Project completion must be inspected and approved by both Sr. Construction Inspector and Building Inspections.